Terms and Conditions

  • Warranty term is 2 years starting from the date of delivery of the product. o The full product including any and all of its parts is within the warranty coverage of our firm. o In case the product is broken down during the warranty term, the period spent during repair is to be added to the warranty term. Repair period of the product is a maximum 30 business days. This term starts upon the date of notifying the product defect to the service station; in case there is no service station, to any of the product seller, retailer, representative, agency, importer or producer. If a defect that has occurred from industrial items (hinge, handles, screws, rails, dampers etc. ) is not removed within 15 business days, manufacturer or the importer has to offer another items bearing the similar characteristics, to the use of the consumer.
  • Within the warranty term of the product; in case the product becomes malfunctioning due to material defects, craftsmanship or defects due to assembly faults, it is to be repaired free of charge, without claiming for craftsmanship fee, replaced parts or under any other claim, what so ever.
  • Malfunctioning product : o The maximum term of repair is exceeded.
  • If there is no service station, it is determined by a report to be issued by any of the product seller, retailer, representative, agency, importer or producer in respective order, that repair of the defect is impossible, the product is to be replaced free of charge. o Defects that occur due to use of the product contrary to the items specified in the user guide book and operation manual are not included within the warranty scope.
  • The items or products that sent to Titi Car Bed or local agent , in case of request for refunding spare part from your local agent, all carrier charges are belong to customer ( buyer).
  • If the assembly and repair of the product is carried out by those other than the authorized service members,
  • If materials and tools that may damage the product have been used in cleaning the product,
  • Wooden materials are to be wiped by using a cotton-based semi-damp cloth, and no cleaning agent is to be used. It should not be wiped using pressure. Then, the whole surface is to be wiped dry with a dry cloth.
  • The surfaces having adhesive material must be wiped by a dry cloth. Metal plated materials are to be cleaned using a cotton-based damp cloth soaked in water, soapy water, cleaning agents that are not scratching or solvents. Then, the cleaning agent left on the surface is to be cleaned with a damp cloth and the whole surface is to be wiped dry with a dry cloth. Products are not to be cleaned with agents that contain acids and abrasive powders (liquid bleach, ammoniac agents, hydrochloric acid etc.) and hard cleaning tools (wire, sponge, etc.) In case of contact with acidic agents such as liquid bleach, it should be immediately cleaned with water.
  • Damages arising from misuse, changing place within the room or due to reasons that occur during transport (scratching the furniture surface, crushing, breaking, cracking, tearing or unbalanced use of power)
  • Other damages that may occur at the result of conducts contrary to recommendations specified in the user guide book and operation manual.
  • It is specified that additional parts which are not produced by us, are mounted on the product or proper parts are dismounted.
  • Defects that may occur due to extraordinary cases such as fire, earthquake, torrent and flood.
  • Damages like crackings, breakings, scratchings that appears on surfaces or main body of Abs plastic products , during usage, assembling, or transporting that happened out of our control, won’t be included to warranty coverage.

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