User guidence book and Operation Manual must be kept for probably later uses and read carefully.


  • Keep your child under supervision so that you can protect him/ her from accidents.
  • Screws and connecting pieces are always to be mounted tightly and properly. Otherwise, clothing may be caught by projecting parts
  • If any part of the safety bars is missing of defective, please do not use them.
  • Do not put the beds nearby open fire or close to electrical heaters, gas stoves or strong heat sources, etc.
  • Do not leave any parts on the bed, that you child may climb on, hang on to, or swallow.
  • The furniture pieces must be kept away from flames, electric heaters, gas stoves, heat radiators, powerful heat sources, and from radiator pipes through which hot water and steam pass through
  • The products must be avoided from direct exposure to sun light.
  • No domestic utensils such as water filled containers and flower pot or hot based iron kettle should be placed on the products.
  • New products may initially have and unpleasant odor. This is harmless and withers away in a short time.
  • Keep the installation booklet. When you need any spare part, specify and product code and part number specified in the installation guide.
  • TiTi Car Bed products are designed for indoor use and related age avarage.

Use and Maintenance of the Furniture

  • Do not use TiTi Car Bed products for purposes other than its intended use.
  • For products consisting of various drawers and covers such as, bed stands and chest of drawers, do not open the covers and drawers at the same time in order to avoid the furniture to fall over.
  • Do not overload your furniture. Avoid weights that may impair the balance of the products.
  • For wheeled furniture, please check out if the wheel brakes are closed or not.
  • Please keep your furniture away from extremely hot and cold environments and from direct exposure to sunlight for a long period of time. Sharp and pointed objects, acidic fluids may damage the surface quality of your furniture.
  • The melamined products must be wiped by a dry cloth in the case that any liquid having chemical compositions or acidic liquid is spilled on it. ( Abs plastic products excepted from this situation, any chemical can damage to surface of abs plastic immediately )
  • The inside and the outside of the products must be periodically controlled and ventilated against humidity due to temperature changes in the environment where the product is placed.
  • Place the products leaving a space of 20 mm between them and the wall. In this way, you will have the back side of the product ventilated preventing humidity and molding.
  • Do not stick adhesive materials like labels etc, which may damage the surface quality of your furniture.
  • When you intend to clean or disassemble your furniture, first of all, disconnect the plug from the electric outlet.
  • When cleaning TiTi Car Bed products, use a soft damp cloth and a cleaning agent that may not scratch the product.
  • In order to avoid any kind of hanging on covers, please check the hinge connection screws and hinge adjustment screws regularly.
  • Perform the assembly of the products on a clean, bright and soft floor ie. a carpet, if possible.


  • During transportation, disassemble the furniture in reverse order. Please take care that the parts are not damaged during transport. Assemble your furniture on a clean and smooth floor. Assembly should be carried out at least by two people. In principle, follow the assembly instructions manual and use the correct auxiliary materials.
  • If you intend to change the place or your furniture within the house, take out all the shelves. Carry the product with the mobile parts such as doors and drawers facing upwards.
  • Please make sure that the floor on which you are to place your furniture is clean and smooth.
  • Do not try to slide and move your furniture by pushing or dragging.

Technical Characteristics

  • Keep the mechanisms with dampers open only when using. Make sure to close them when not using. Do not allow children use the mechanisms with dampers and keep them away from open mechanisms.
  • Car beds and Abs plastic products , produced and designed for use by children and suitable for children’s weight by harmless, 3,5 mm materials. Excess weight, excess pressure or excess strength onto plastic body can be cause to crackings or breakings. (Do not apply excess pressure, weight, strength to plastic products )
  • Please follow below mentioned procedures in order to prevent the falling children from bunk beds;
  • Do not allow children younger than 6 years old lay on the upper bedstead of bunk.
  • Use a mattress of only 90*190 cm size on the upper bedstead. Make sure that the thicknesses of the mattress do not exceed 22 cm.
  • The static calculations for TiTi Car Bed bunk beds and car beds have been performed according to 100 kg of weight and single person.
  • The chest of drawers have a maximum carriage capacity of 15 kg.
  • The bed side and table drawers have a maximum carriage capacity of 8 kg.
  • The book shelves have a maximum carriage capacity of 12 kg.
  • The hanger rods in the cabinets have a maximum carriage capacity of 20 kg.
  • The computer desks upper trays have a maximum carriage capacity of 75 kg (Additional desk tray)
  • Computer monitor tray has a maximum carriage capacity of 3.5 kg.
  • Spoiler accessories ( which located on backside of car beds for an accessory ) ; wooden car’s spoilers have a maximum carriage capacity of 2 kg, Abs plastic car’s spoilers have a maximum carriage capacity of 8 kg. It is dangerous and not suitable kids to sit onto Spoiler accessory parts.

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